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Aquarium Installations

Transform a bare spot in your living room into a thriving window to a world of living color. We'll discuss a specific design plan for your aquarium that gives you maximum customizability and control over factors like volume, dimensions, plant and animal specimen selection, maintenance and special requirements. Please understand, it is my great pleasure to talk about aquarium builds, so working with you to educate you on what will work, what won't work, and why is something I very much look forward to. Don't worry - you won't be left with a mysterious box that you don't know how to care for. And if you have any questions, "you know a guy."

You can anticipate that we will have ongoing dialogue about the design and building process, and that you will have very few actions to take in the set up process beyond expressing how you want it to appear and function.

We do not offer builds for salt or brackish water tanks. Those tanks are great, but we will not be working with those water conditions. 

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