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Pond Maintenance

Much as with our Aquarium Maintenance description, pond cleaning services are for those who simply cannot or do not wish to give their pond a deep cleaning, though there are fewer pond keepers who do this themselves than there are aquarium keepers who clean their own tanks.

Pond cleanouts generally involve safely removing any important fish or plants, draining the pond, deep cleaning the liner and rock, removing debris and pond related overgrowth, refilling the pond, conditioning the water and safely returning the fish and plants previously removed. 

With most things in life, it is usually beneficial to clean something more than is absolutely necessary, and koi ponds are no exception to this generality. It is normally recommended that ponds are cleaned out quarterly, although cleaning once a year is the barest of minimums, and is unfortunately common amongst pond owners. You must ask yourself - in what condition do you wish to keep the pond that you own?

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