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Don't I need to know a bunch about fish to keep an aquarium?

Not necessarily. Don't misunderstand - there are a blue billion things to know about fish keeping and aquatic biology, but if you stay within the lines of the plan put together when designing your aquarium, having a healthy ecosystem can be nearly effortless. This is especially true if you choose to have Beholder Aquatics manage the maintenance for your tank. It is entirely possible to design and build specific tanks that feature virtually zero input of effort or even food from the owner (though those builds are niche and specific). And don't forget, we'll be there during set up to give you all the information you'll need to start off. 

Why does aquarium size matter?

The size of your ecosystem is critically important in all aspects. You certainly wouldn't want to keep a large fish like an Oscar cichlid that can grow well over 8 inches long in a 20 gallon tank into its adulthood, but there's more to it than ethical considerations for swimming room. Larger aquariums are also more stable when considering water chemistry. As tank volume increases, so too does the water's resistance against fluctuations of variables like temperature, pH, alkalinity and nitrogenous molecules like Ammonia or Nitrates. What does this mean for beginner aquarium keepers who might seek aquarium installation services? Not much. All of the details relevant to your vision for your tank will be covered as needed, and you'll be barred from making any egregious decisions like putting a manatee into a tank in your living room. We'll build the tank you need, we'll build it correctly, and we'll make sure that you have a firm grasp of what your part in its management will be.

How much should I expect an aquarium installation to cost?

It's time for a really lame answer - the expense of an aquarium build depends on too many variables to slap a tidy price sticker here in the FAQs. Cost of materials varies greatly based on how large you want the aquarium to be, what kinds of decor you want and what kinds of life you want to cultivate inside of it. Don't worry - it never hurts to ask about having one built over on our fancy contact page. We can discuss sizes, contents and pricing to determine what fits your needs best. The vagueness of this FAQ answer pains me to write, but I would rather avoid any confusions or mistaken presumptions.

What happens if the tank is destroyed or otherwise ruined? Is there a warranty of some kind?

Let there be no ambiguity on this - once your aquarium is set up, it is your responsibility. You are not renting, leasing or borrowing a tank from Beholder Aquatics. You own the aquarium. If something horrible happens like a child throwing a rock in the living room, or a cat dumping the entire food jar into the tank (causing a fatal ammonia spike in the water), that is not something that Beholder Aquatics is responsible for. Will I be heartbroken for you? Yes. Yes, I will. But Beholder Aquatics will not be replacing your aquarium. I will reiterate, however - you can always shoot over an email with questions about the tank that was installed for you. I am not suggesting that once I finish the set up that "you're totally on your own." I simply mean that when it comes to the enclosure and specimens therein, you are the one in charge of its protection and upkeep. 

How long would an aquarium installation process take?

Usually an aquarium installation should only take one day of actual "wet work." However, this does not take into account the work put in behind the scenes like communicating with the client about what kind of tank they would like and then sourcing and acquiring the aquarium, stand, substrate, rocks, plants, animals, etc. Realistically though, most clients should be able to make most all of the necessary decisions for their tank's design within a meeting of 1-2 hours, and while that might sound a bit laborious to some, I assure you that it's rather fun to custom design something like this. Don't sweat it. It's like picking paint swatches, except it doesn't make you want to jump off of a bridge. 

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